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GCI Asset Consulting

The GCI Asset Consulting services is a unique offering to both retail and institutional clients. The team at GCI focus on creating optimised portfolios for Pension Funds, Provident Funds, Group Retirement Annuities and for Independent Financial Advisors. GCI AC Retail Client Offering:

Asset Consulting services to IFA's and Wealth Managers Countrywide;
Institutional Asset Consulting to Retail Clients....SEE MORE

JP Blue Capital Consulting

About JP Blue:

JP Blue is an authorised Financial Service Provider and is approved by the South African Reserve Bank for Foreign Exchange Transactions. They are able to assist with both compulsory and discretionary funds and any foreign exchange requirements including investment, immigration or commercial payments. With more than 20 years of experience in container asset management, they are able to provide Independent Financial Advisors and clients with sound advice regarding this alternative investment vehicle.

FOREX Services

JP Blue has immediate access to the Bank Dealers ‘Direct Dealing Facility’ and qualify for preferential rates which can mean a saving of up to 6c on the foreign currency paid.

Quoting is immediate and JP Blue completes the BOP forms and will liaise directly with the bank on your behalf. They are able to assist individuals with foreign investment or corporate clients to facilitate import or export payments.

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