RDR and TCF Proof your Financial Planning Practice with Asset Consulting

As the Gloom and Doom of the RDR reform approaches, it has become pertinent for Independent Financial Advisors to ensure their Asset Management and Financial Advice Businesses are segregated.

The South African Investment Market has never been more complicated, with continuous changes in Macro Economic Data and Asset Class Valuations, it has become a near impossible task for Financial Advisors to construct and manage Optimal Portfolios for client investments as well as performing the ongoing role of Financial Planning.

Employing an Asset Consultant in your Financial Planning Practice frees up time to focus on what you love most! Financial Planning.

Traction Training has therefore entered into an Affiliate Agreement with GCI Asset Consulting to assist our clients in protecting and optimising their greatest Asset – Their Business

GCI Asset Consulting is a registered Category 2 Financial Service Provider that assist many Financial Advisors both Locally and Globally to implement a thought out Investment Philosophy, Tailored Risk Management System and an Industry Leading Reporting Process to ensure Your Clients Reach a Safe and Secure Retirement with Peace of Mind.

By Following an In-Depth Modelling Process you can be assured that Your Client’s are always invested in Best of Breed Managers across the Globe.

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