Traction Training has collaborated with Learning Hub Africa to launch of an e-learning platform for the Regulatory Examination for Representatives RE5. This interactive on-line training material allows you to prepare for the Regulatory Exams by providing you with online study material, assessments and mock exams. The platform is designed for both corporates and individuals.

The course is broken down into modules with assessment questions at the end of each module as well as a mock exam once the course has been completed. Each learner is given a unique user login which will allow Traction Training to track the progress of each learner and identify areas of weakness that may require intervention or assistance.

Within a corporate environment, we can track each individual learner and provide progress reports to both the individual and the employer. Thus, should we find that the learner has not attained the knowledge criteria required to pass the exam, examinations can be postponed within the Examination Bodies, time frames. This reduces the risk of multiple failures and the costs of rewriting the exam and allows Traction Training to identify areas of weakness or areas that may require intervention.

Since learners complete the course online, productivity is not impacted and there are no workshops or seminars. Intervention workshops are available on request.

We also provide a comprehensive library of FAIS awareness training which includes FICA, Treating Customers Fairly, Introduction to FAIS, Conflict of Interest and Complaints Management.

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