The Financial Services Industry is fast growing and ever changing and it has become exceedingly difficult for Independent Financial Advisors to keep up with the legislative changes and requirements while still maintaining and growing their businesses.
Many IFAs are feeling threatened by pending legislation and a lack of tools and information available within the industry. Traction Training was born out of a desire to address this need and to assist IFAs in retaining their independent status by providing information, assistance and training on one user friendly, interactive website. We are looking to provide a platform for questions, discussion and networking between the IFAs.

With the constant changes, many gaps have appeared in the industry and we are filling those gaps to assist IFAs by offering the following services:


Our training material has been specifically designed to address training gaps in the industry. The training on offer does not merely consist of a study guide, but access to a facilitator who will be available to guide you through it. As an IFA, we understand that your income is dependent on your being freed up to see your clients. Our approach is to free you up to do just that by being able to study in your own time without taking time away from productivity by attending a formal course.

Our training includes:

  • Study material and guidance for Level 1 Regulatory Examinations as required by FAIS (RE1, RE3 and RE5)
  • Training and assistance for administrative assistants as regards basic compliance within the FSP
  • Training of Internal Compliance Officers on legislative requirements, monitoring and reporting
  • Interactive FICA training and assessments
  • Webinars, podcasts and papers as regards impending and existing legislation
  • Customised training material


  • Assistance with general compliance requirements and queries
  • Development of documentation specific to the FSP
  • Assistance with Annual/ Bi-annual FSB compliance reports
  • Assistance with new applications to the FSB
  • Supervision service for Compliance Officers for Cat I and Cat II
  • Compliance consulting service to assist with monitoring and reporting
  • Providing customised solutions to FSPs in order to satisfy the regulatory requirements

Information and Updates

The constant flood of information and changes causes confusion and misunderstanding. By registering with Traction Training, we are able to determine the needs of your FSP and provide you with information which is pertinent to your business. We will be simplifying the information and extracting what is applicable and how it will affect you. Members will be classified according to the financial services provided (Short Term, Long Term, Investments) and FSPs will be notified when new information pertaining to their specific needs is available. This reduces the overload of information which results from regular Newsletter.

Our ‘Follow Our Blog’ page will also be updated with information regarding different products and services available in the market and will allow for questions and answers regarding posted topics. The site will also be available to members to provide information on selected services that they provide that may assist other FSPs. All content will have to be approved by Traction Training to ensure that the correct information and disclaimers are in place.