1. Traction Training aims to provide as much free information and guidance as possible but certain of our services are fee based,

  2. Training and study material costs are based on the subject matter and content and prices of the different material will vary.

  3. Our consulting services are based on an hourly rate or alternatively a monthly retainer can be negotiated.

  4. Compliance services are costed on the individual FSP and will be dependent on the size and type of financial services rendered.

  5. New License applications will be based on an hourly rate

  6. Payment for training material must be made prior to the material being made available.

  7. Consulting services may require a partial upfront payment.

  8. Compliance Service Fees must be paid monthly in advance. Should payment not be received, the compliance service will be suspended until arrears are paid in full.

  9. For all services offered a Service Level Agreement must be signed by both parties.

  10. Certain information will be available to members only.

  11. Traction Training retains the rights to all intellectual property developed by the company.